Styrene Sheet ABS Board Plasticard for Model Building, White Color

  • $1.10
  • Save $6.40

  • Color - White

  • Styrene sheet ABS board multiple sizes. 

  • 5cm*20cm*1.5mm 10cm*20cm*0.8mm 15cm*20cm*1.5mm
    5cm*20cm*2.5mm 10cm*20cm*1mm 15cm*20cm*2.5mm
    5cm*20cm*3mm 10cm*20cm*1.5mm 15cm*20cm*3mm
    5cm*20cm*4mm 10cm*20cm*2mm  
    5cm*20cm*5mm 10cm*20cm*3mm 20cm*20cm*0.5mm
    20cm*25cm*1.5mm 20cm*30cm*0.5mm 30cm*50cm*0.5mm
    20cm*25cm*2.5mm 20cm*30cm*0.8mm 30cm*50cm*0.8mm
    20cm*25cm*3mm 20cm*30cm*1mm 30cm*50cm*1mm
    20cm*25cm*4mm 20cm*30cm*1.5mm 30cm*50cm*1.5mm
    20cm*25cm*5mm 20cm*30cm*2mm 30cm*50cm*2mm
      20cm*30cm*3mm 30cm*50cm*3mm
  • Easy to work with, they can be cut and carved easily, bent with some heat, and formed with the right tools.

  • It can be bonded using the same model cement or styrene glues commonly used for model building.

  • Material for conversions and scratch builds for warhammer, guns barrels, banner poles, weapon shafts, gundam detailing etc.

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